Kepler is a premium and safe Instagram bot.

Watch your Instagram account grow with targeted likes, comments and follows.

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Like pictures

Thanks to his top-performing algorithm, Kepler scans hashtags to like pictures that are relevant for your account content and most likely to get you likes or follows in return. (Roughly 6000 photos per week!)

Follow / Unfollow people

If you want to do more, Kepler can follow accounts associated with chosen hashtags. If they don't follow you back after two days - he will automatically unfollow them. Pretty cool no?


Kepler records every action done on your account's behalf. Every time an action delivers results, you'll know - with detailed performance analytics per hashtag and for your account's overall growth.

How it works

1- Join Kepler

Create a Kepler account and enter your Instagram credentials. We encrypt and store this data on our servers to make sure your information is always safe.

2- Enter your hashtags

Enter the most relevant hashtags for your Instagram content. You can add as many as you want, keep track of their results and deactivate those that are not performing well at any point.

3- Kepler goes to work

Every hour Kepler scans hashtags for the most relevant pictures to engage with. It has a spam filter and the smartest algorithm on the market to detect the optimal pictures to like and the best accounts to follow.

4- Results and analytics

Kepler will keep track of all pictures you have liked and give you precise analytics for every hashtag you entered so that you can assess and adjust your social media strategy in real time. At night Kepler will run more general analytics for your account so you can observe overall growth.

Been using it for the past 2 months and it's great! Much better than Instagress. Thanks !!
CEO, Delivery startup
Kepler is sick, thank you for the service. I love keplerbot.
- CEO, Leisure and travel company
Huge gain of activity since we started Kepler - we're currently at 700+ followers / week. Highly recommended.
- CEO, Art printing company
Because of Kepler I've seen a huge increase in my followers and likes and know how to better curate my own content. Thank you very much!
- Recreational photographer
Love that I can keep track of each hashtag's results. It's the best solution and most complete solution I've tried so far.
- Fashion Blogger
We've been using Kepler for a year now and it has allowed us fine tune hashtags and perfect our social media strategy- we're gaining 3k followers a week and we proud have 52k+ followers. Rock on.
- Product Designer, Art startup

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Features we offer

Smart data

Kepler gives you precise analytics on how many photos you have liked, followers you get per hashtag chosen and abandons hashtags that don't deliver results.

No downloads

Kepler runs directly from our servers, no download required. You can access and use him from any browser. You set it up, close your browser, and let him do the rest!


Kepler can automatically pause its activity so your account is not suspended for exceeding Instagram limits. We detect, learn and pause your account when we reach the limit.

One proxy per account

Kepler uses a single IP address per account registered. Other services will share your IP address with hundreds of accounts or you would pay for this.


We've built learning algorithm for Kepler - it knows the best performing hashtags and where to spend likes so you get results. The more it runs - the better it gets.

Run alone

Kepler is hosted on our servers - once it's set up - it will be schedule to run every day. It will pause at night for couple hours, just like a real human being.

Customer support

We offer personnal customer support - from guiding you through Kepler to your hashtags strategy! We're pretty responsive too.